Personalized List Based Direct Mail is...

Highly Targeted

List based marketing

Reach your existing customers

Target prospects that fit your demographic

Personalized messaging to each recipient

Step 1

Determine List(s) to use.

House List - Existing customers and prospects.
List Rental - Find those who use your product or service.
PPCIS has professionals ready to help you.
Step 1 - Select Routes
Step 2 - Choose postcard size

Step 2

Select a size

Five sizes to choose from.
All sizes tailored to your message.

Step 3


1. Upload your finished art.
2. Use a pre-designed template.
3. Have us do it for you.
Step 3 - Upload/Design
Step 4 - Schedule

Step 4

Mailing Service and List

1) Choose a Mail Service.
2) Choose a List Service.
3) Upload a list if you're supplying one.

Step 5


Confirm details
Enter your PO
Your Done!
Step 5 - Checkout

Personalized Direct Mail is Ideal for...

All organizations who want to stay in touch with their customers delivering content that is relevant in interesting to them. Adds a touch point that shows you have a message worth sending and saving.