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Strategies for all aspects of the Donor Cycle

Develop, Engage, and Cultivate with your Campaigns

Did your last campaign get lost in the mail? Standing out in today’s world can be overwhelming and challenging. If creating a personalized, intelligent, cost effective, and highly targeted campaign is putting a strain on your resources, let PPCIS do the work for you.

Whether your goal is to expand your donor base, converting donors to sustainers, or developing a solid donor foundation, PPCIS has the expertise, technology and experience to make it happen for your organization. We will work with your team to provide a comprehensive package of services that are tailored to your organization needs.

Nonprofit Services

  • Data Services - Cleansing, Metrics, and Analytics
  • Acquisition, Renewal, Capital, General Appeals
  • Events and Invitations
  • Newsletters and Collateral
  • Surveys and A/B Testing
  • Branded Web Portal Solutions
  • Multi Channel Strategies with an Omni Channel View
  • Segmented and Targeted Direct Response Campaigns
  • Stewardship Programs and Practices


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Nonprofit Resources

USPS Nonprofit Authorization Forms

Form a Nonprofit 503c



"Vision without execution is hallucination."
  –  Thomas A. Edison