Appeal & Campaign Planning
A Guide and Tools to Assist in Your Appeal Process

Four Stages to Effective Appeal Planning and Execution


Stage 1 | Planning

  • Goals & Objectives - Involve your staff and board members to determine your goals. Is it to Increase Donors, Raise Funds, Convert Donors to Sustainers or something else?
  • Ownership & Timing - Delegate tasks to individuals or teams. Create time tables and follow-up meetings to keep everyone on track.
  • Budget & KPI - Determine your budget and create necessary key performance indicators (KPI) to measure your results at the end.
  • Messaging - A picture is worth a thousand words, use compelling images to tell your story. Keep your message consistent.

Stage 2 | Design and Data

  • Data Maintenance - Establish your source(s) for direct mail and email data. Validating your addresses early will allow you time to make corrections.
  • Segmentation - Using clean data, create personalized segments. Assign appeal codes to each segment for future analysis.
  • Copy & Design - Finalize copy, emphasize a donor-centric message. Involve PPCIS early to ensure your design meets Postal Regulations.
  • Channel Optimization - Take an Omnichannel approach with your appeal to engage new and existing donors. Put all channels of communication to work.

Stage 3 | Execution

  • Printing & Mailing - Deliver artwork and mailing lists to PPCIS. Be aware of expected drop date and in-home delivery date.
  • Email Campaigns - Consider sending an email prior to in home delivery and a post email follow-up.
  • Social Media - Don’t just post, engage with your following on social media. Ask staff, board members and volunteers to share posts.
  • Phone/Events/Outreach - Execute alternate channels that can be used to promote your appeal.

Stage 4 | Acknowledgments and Analysis

  • Acknowledgments - Take the time to say thank you to every donor.
  • Data Entry - Keeping your donor data up to date will help your next appeal. Don’t forget to document all replies and donations.
  • Analysis - Run your metric reports and analyze the results. Were your KPI’s met and what was the ROI?
  • Review - Gather the team and review the results. Talk about what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve upon the process.

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